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Guys, are you looking for a fresh and clean new haircut? It can sometimes be a struggle to keep your hair in check, especially if you have a busy schedule. The fade might be just the style you’re looking for.

The fade haircut involves cutting the sides and back of your hair as short as possible and gradually longer up to the top. This can be up to almost any length you choose.

There are many types of fades, including the classic, low, taper, and high fades, which we’ll look into.

If you’re considering getting this iconic haircut, it’s worth being very clear about what you want with your barber and listening to his feedback. The crucial element for a rocking fade is getting the blending exactly right.

So, let’s look at the most common fades around today:

  • Classic fade. This very popular style reinterprets the old crew cut. It’s timeless and really keeps you looking neat, fresh, and sharp. With the hair gradually getting longer towards the top of the head, it’s kept short at the bottom.

  • Low fade. Although fade haircuts are all based on the same principal, the low fade starts getting shorter a bit higher than the classic fade, although lower than the high fade. The cut makes the hair disappear at the back of the head and about two centimetres from the hairline on the sides. This means there’s a bit more hair on the upper sides.

  • Taper fade. This fade shortens the hair from about a centimetre above the ear and tapers around to your neck’s nape.

  • High fade. This fade has the shortest taper and literally fades into the skin. This look is extremely clean and offers a fresh feeling all around. Since this fade exposes the scalp the most, it’s really important to take care of your skin.

These are the four most common fades, but there are many other variants and styles. Regardless of which style suits you best, if you’re going for a fade, wear it with confidence and make sure your scalp’s in top form first.

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