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Whether your hair is thinning or you’re subject to hair loss, these tips can help you make your hair look thicker and healthier.

Look after your scalp

Your very first step should be to look at the health of your scalp. While some hair loss is genetic, other types of hair thinning could be caused by an underlying scalp condition. It’s worth tackling this before you start looking at other options.

If you’re also prone to itching, flakiness and a red scalp, you could have a case of dandruff.

Using a good dandruff shampoo will help get the itching and flakes under control, while also improving the overall condition of your scalp.

In particular, Head & Shoulders Full and Thick Anti-Dandruff Shampoo not only helps stop dandruff in its tracks but will help strengthen your hair against breakage. That’s because a scalp in good shape produces better quality hair that resists damage later on.

Your hair routine

It’s also worth looking at your hair routine.

Simple changes to your daily routine can help your hair stay strong and avoid breakage:

  • a soft bristled brush used gently will help avoid breakage

  • towel-drying your hair gently, rather than rubbing too vigorously, will also benefit your hair

Alongside these steps, look at your diet; your growing hair needs nutrients like any other part of your body, so make sure it’s getting the help it needs from what you eat.

For an immediate fix, you can’t go wrong with a haircut.

This may seem counter-intuitive – how can less hair look thicker?

But a good barber or hairstylist will be able to style your hair to make it look thicker. Depending on your hair, they’ll be able to blunt the ends, or leave it longer in key areas in ways that make it look thicker.

This will help you get a head start on improving how thick your hair looks, while Head & Shoulders gets to work on the rest.

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