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There are lots of protective styles out there, but are they necessary to protect your hair? Find out how you can maintain healthy hair with and without protective styles.

Protective styles work by keeping the ends of the hair tucked away from damage and a lot of people turn to them when trying to grow out their hair.

What protective styles are out there?

From cornrows, buns and Bantu knots to twists, braids and the roll-and-tuck, there are plenty of protective styles out there that will keep the ends of your hair away from the elements.

What problems can too much protective styling cause?

Tangling, dryness and breakage can all be encouraged by protective styling if the hair isn’t cared for properly.

This could be because the styles are worn for a long period of time, and sections of the hair and scalp can be covered and difficult to reach with typical hair care products.

If areas of the scalp can’t be cared for properly, they may become dry, flaky and itchy due to the build-up of scalp irritants.  

Tension is another frustration: some protective styles are very elaborate and require a lot of manipulation which can put stress on your hair and scalp, and sometimes lead to breakage.

Are there other ways to protect your hair?

A hairstyle on its own is never enough to maintain your hair’s health. Hair grows healthiest from a healthy, moisturized scalp. 

When your scalp is unhealthy, the hair’s cuticle can become weak and vulnerable to damage. 

It’s important to choose products that are shown to improve scalp health and restore its natural moisture. If you opt for styling products, choose products that are kind to your scalp, like Head & Shoulders new styling collection, and make sure you thoroughly cleanse tresses between styles to remove product build-up.

When your scalp is moisturized, and your hair is healthy, you’ll be comfortable wearing any style you choose.

Our Moisture Care range is specially formulated for textured hair. From our Moisture Care Shampoo to our Co-Wash and our Scalp Care Soother for instant cooling relief between washes, the range fits into your hair regimen to help you maintain healthy hair and a healthy scalp.

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