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Here’s how to moisturize your scalp WITHOUT using shampoo. Find out how to say goodbye to dryness and keep your hair and scalp in great condition

There are plenty of remedies out there you can try to moisturize your hair including various oils and natural remedies.

Plus, there’s a growing trend for co-washing – i.e. conditioner-only washing – which does exactly what the name suggests.

These oils and co-washes are a great place to start, but if your scalp is still dry, it could be a sign that your skin barrier isn’t as healthy as it could be, and needs some extra TLC.

Our Moisture Care Co-Wash is specially formulated for textured hair, and works with your hair regimen to deeply moisturize both your hair and scalp.

It contains vitamin E-rich almond oil and coconut essence, and leaves hair moisturized and manageable.

Unlike typical cowashes or oils, it also contains ZPT (pyrithione zinc), which is clinically proven to help restore your scalp’s natural moisture, relieving dry and itchy scalp.

On-the-go treatments are also handy for instant relief when itch or dryness start to flare up.

Our Moisture Care Scalp Soother is perfect for calming a dry and itchy scalp between washes.

It gives an immediate cooling sensation and helps to improve the scalp’s moisture balance by providing a burst of skincare ingredients.

The easy spray top allows for targeted application, giving you on-the-go relief, any time, any place.

Shea butter and other natural oils like castor and argan can help seal in moisture– use them once or twice a month as a hot oil treatment.

You could even try adding in a couple of drops of tea tree oil for an added cooling sensation.

More tips and advice from the experts:

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