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It’s no secret that cowashing can not only save you time and money but it can also save your treasured tresses from excessive dryness and brittleness, too. However, is it smart to toss out your shampoo completely and cowash your hair instead? We’ve taken up the challenge to determine how often you should cowash your natural hair and which products are the best to get the job done for your crown. Read on, royals.

What is a Cowash?

Cowashing is a coined term that incorporates two parts: ‘Co’ is short for conditioner and ‘wash’ refers to its cleansing effect. Essentially, cowashing is the act of washing one’s hair with solely a conditioner in order to cleanse the hair without stripping it of its moisture and natural oils. After becoming a hit amongst the natural hair community, you can now find specific cleansing conditioners or cowash products that have been developed with mostly a moisturizing conditioner and just a hint of a cleansing agent for an extra boost.

Cowash vs Shampoo: The Royal Difference

Cowashing has been deemed so much more moisturizing for natural hair types versus traditional shampooing due to ultimately creating a 2-in-1 treatment for cleansing and hydrating hair. With a cowash like our Royal Oils Moisturizing Co-Wash, you can gently cleanse any excess product buildup, oil, or dirt plus directly treat flaky scalp – all while adding in extra moisture.

Although the epitome of a curl’s dream product, it’s important to note that it cannot replace your traditional shampoo entirely. Shampoos can and should still act as your ultimate clarifying cleanser to deeply clean your hair of any and all elements. However, depending on your hair type and product usage, you can push out using a shampoo a few weeks to once a month while using your trusted cowashes in between.

How To Cowash Your Hair

Accomplishing the perfect cowash can be quite simple but if proper precautions aren’t taken, you can defeat its purpose entirely. Take these quick steps to deliver each cowash, effortlessly:

Step 1: Choose a moisturizing cowash uniquely made for your hair type. Achieve that exact balance of cleanser and moisturizer while also restoring your scalp health with a co-wash that is expertly designed for natural, relaxed, kinky and coily crowns, it is free of parabens, sulfates and dyes, too!

Step 2: Thoroughly wet hair. Rinsing your hair first can create the perfect setting for your hair follicles to soak up all the benefits your cowash has to offer.

Step 3: Massage product onto hair and scalp, to create a low lather. Just as if it were a shampoo, gently cleanse your hair from roots to ends to refresh your hair and scalp in between washes. You can even detangle here, too!

Step 4: Rinse completely, then repeat or style as desired. Here’s your chance to cleanse even more or add in extra moisture with a leave-in conditioner for the ultimate hydration. Anoint your crown with nothing but the best with the entire Royal Oils Collection – free of parabens, sulfates, and dyes. Explore more of our specially formulated hair products for curly natural hair and coily crowns at our website.

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