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Did you know a shampoo fragrance works in exactly the same way as a perfume or cologne? Find out how we make shampoo smell great.


Complex notes of flowers, apples and citrus – it sounds like a wine tasting, but actually it’s how you get fragrance in a bottle ofshampoo.

Great-smelling shampoos take the exact same process as the best perfume manufacturers, using essential oils extractedfrom flowers, fruits and other plants, and then dissolving them in the shampoo.

There’s a lot that goes into it

It’s an intricate process that involves 3 complex layers to create the perfect scent:

Top notes - you’ll notice these in the shower. Their small molecule size means they fill the air fastest when warm water hits.

We use everything from wild strawberry and dewy melon to jasmine blossoms and cool ginger. So when water hits and activates themolecules, you get an amazing smell in the shower.

Middle notes - these slightly heavier molecules round out the fragrance and perfume your hair during the rinse.

Base notes - these are the largest molecules in the scent and come into play when your hair dries. The most durable part of any fragrance, thesenotes stay in your hair to keep it smelling great all day.

Choose your scent

There’s no end to the number of fragrances you can add to a shampoo – and we’ve developed plenty, such as Green Apple, Instant Oil Control Shampoo and we’ve even added a manly scent to our Old Spice Shampoo.

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