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How to get rid of dandruff on black hair

No matter what your hair type is, the root cause of dandruff is the same - but the way you get rid of it and the type of products you choose should be designed for your hair’s unique needs. Black hair is often curly or coiled, which can make it more dry and fragile. In this article we give six tips for getting rid of dandruff on black hair, and explain what causes it in the first place.


  1. Choose a moisturizing dandruff shampoo that works and is specially designed for your hair needs.

  2. Use it frequently – the more you use it, the healthier your skin can become.

  3. Don’t switch shampoos - stay protected against dandruff. Ordinary shampoo can wash dandruff-preventing ingredients off your scalp, leaving you less protected. For the same reason, if you use conditioner, make sure to choose an anti-dandruff one.

  4. Between washes, use leave-on treatments with anti-dandruff ingredients that nourish your hair and scalp. They fight the causes of flaking and itch without wrecking your style, better than ordinary oils or creams.

  5. Avoid things that can dry out your scalp like dry indoor air. Use a humidifier to help keep your scalp moisturized.

  6. Don’t scratch! Scratching can damage your skin even more.


There is no ‘cure’ for dandruff, but it’s still possible to stay flake-free.*

Dandruff is what dermatologists call a 'recurring condition' so unless you treat it regularly, your symptoms will probably return.

That’s because the 3 factors that cause dandruff - the naturally occurring microbe Malassesia globosa, scalp oils, and a scalp that’s sensitive to the microbe - are nearly always present. Malassezia breaks down scalp oils into irritants that trigger dandruff flaking and itch.

So if you want to keep your style looking great and flake-free,* it’s important to use products that protect from dandruff multiple days a week, for days you wash your hair and days you don’t.

The NEW Royal Oils Collection by Head & Shoulders is developed specifically for black hair by a team of black scientists. This breakthrough lineup provides expertly designed scalp relief and luxuriously moisturized hair for all natural, relaxed, kinky, and coily hair types.

*visible flakes with regular use

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