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woman smiling wearing a yellow shirt outside with long braided hair and swinging her braids in the air

Protective styles are truly the MVPs of cold weather, hot weather, vacation hair and length retention. But we do know about one drawback: keeping hair properly moisturized while tucked away. Is it difficult? Yes—more so than usual. But impossible? Never! That’s why using the right products and tools are so important to achieve your natural hair goals while in a protective style.

1. Challenge accepted

Part of the allure of protective styles is that you don’t need to mess with your natural hair every day. Taking a break from lengthy wash days, curl manipulation, or loads of styling gel (IYKYK) is a goal many of us share, in addition to looking cute. But let’s make sure we’re all on the same page about healthy, moisturized hair being part of the cute factor.

Scalp lotions and creams with targeted nozzles that don’t interfere with your style are key. Products like the Royal Oils Daily Moisturizing Scalp Cream or Royal Oils Nighttime Scalp Tonic Lotion are the perfect products to add to your routine. Not only will they keep your natural hair properly moisturized, but they’ll help to preserve the protective style longer.

2. Mix it up

The addition of more products to your routine always comes the risk of product buildup. Make sure you continue to wash your hair, concentrating your shampoo or cleanser specifically at the roots, so you don’t unravel your style. Focusing on your roots can also prevent frizz down the length of your strands, helping your style stay in pristine condition for longer. Play around with cowash or shampoos to see which benefits your hair best.

And if you get lots of frizz on the ends of your braids, twists, or synthetic/human hair leave out, try switching to a satin bonnet instead of a silk scarf, if you haven’t already. Some naturals even find greater success by doing both, to make sure that nothing budges overnight with this double layer of protection.

3. Enjoy your protective style and let it go

Truly enjoy it! And when it’s time to say goodbye to your braids, twists, bantu knots and more, don’t be afraid to let them go. Because the second cardinal sin behind dry hair is old hair. Don’t hang on to a worn-out style just because of the convenience. And when you finally do revisit your natural hair, you’ll find it healthy and ready to play because you cared for it all the while.

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