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A dry scalp can cause itchiness, flakes and irritation. While some remedies may help, you will need to treat your scalp with a lasting moisturizing solution.

There’s nothing more annoying than a dry scalp. With textured hair, extreme dryness can cause itchiness and flakes, causing you to scratch and irritate your sensitive scalp.


There are several home remedies that are said to soothe the symptoms of a dry scalp.

Some commonly used treatments include:

  • manuka honey

  • jojoba oil

  • vitamin E

  • apple cider vinegar

  • peppermint oil

  • oatmeal and honey hair mask

While these are fun to try at home and might improve the appearance of dry scalp for a while, no home remedies have been proven to give a lasting solution to dryness.

How to combat dry scalp

To help get rid of dry scalp and its symptoms, you need to treat your hair and scalp with the right shampoo – one that is specially designed for textured hair.

From the first wash, our Moisture Care Shampoo delivers enriched moisture for your scalp.

The special formula with ZPT (pyrithione zinc), vitamin E-rich almond oil, and coconut essence, is unique – it works on the causes of scalp dryness, to help prevent your skin from becoming dry in the first place. 

Your scalp skin actually becomes healthier the more you use it, restoring your natural moisture balance.  

The formula is ideal for textured hair- it will leave your scalp moisturized and your curls clean, healthy, and smelling amazing.

On-the-go moisture

For moisturizing on the go, our Supreme Soothing Leave On Treatment is perfect for whenever your scalp needs relief from dryness and irritation.

With argan oil, this spray can be used anywhere, any time to help restore moisture balance to your scalp.

Now you that you have the right shampoo and spray for on-the-go moisture, dry scalp worries will be a thing of the past and you can enjoy healthy, nourished curls.

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