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Keeping kinky, curly, natural hair in good shape is easy with a few simple tips – just like these.

Natural hair is a term that’s used to refer to textured, kinky, or tightly curled hair, that hasn’t been touched by chemical relaxers.

All curly hair types share some qualities – they grow at an angle, from asymmetrical follicles.

They’re usually prone to a certain amount of dryness, as your scalp’s natural oils have trouble moving down the curly hair strands.

Happily, it doesn’t take much to improve things.

Natural hair care

The first step to taking care of natural hair is a really good conditioner.

good conditioner is used to moisturize the hair your natural scalp oils can’t easily reach, helping to avoid dryness and potential breakage.

If you’re making the transition from chemically relaxed to natural hair, you might find that the ends of your hair remain straight, while the new hair is curled.

Your best bet here is to curl your ends with a curling iron (using a heat protection product), or to put your hair into a protective style.

Shrinkage happens when your hair is curling so tightly that it looks shorter than you’d like. You can use a couple of style tips to add length.

Bantu knots, for instance, can be used while your hair is still damp. This will stretch your hair out while it dries, allowing it to show more length while still giving you the curls you love.

The key to taking care of natural hair, at the end of the day, is simple: give it the moisture it craves, and you’ll find yourself rewarded with more defined curls, and an all-day-long healthy shine.

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