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Straight hair has a well-earned reputation for easy care and versatile styling. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t need care at all.

Straight hair owes its structure to the fact that it grows from symmetrically shaped follicles, and comes straight out of the scalp (curly hair grows at an angle).

If you’ve got curly hair, it doesn’t mean you can’t have straight hair. There are a wealth of products that can straighten your hair.

Artificially straightened hair

From relaxers to flat irons, straight hair is now achievable by a variety of means – but these do come with consequences.

Whether you’re using a  chemical relaxer or flat irons, you’re exposing your hair to chemicals and heat that can damage it.

It’s important, therefore, to do what you can to protect and nourish your hair if you choose to straighten it.

Because one of the inevitable consequences of straightening your hair is dryness, using a moisturizing conditioner will go a long way to keeping it healthy and sleek.


Naturally straight hair

Naturally straight hair is a bit easier to manage, but still does need care.

One of the benefits of straight hair is its smoothness; it reflects the light far better, making it look shiny and healthy.

But to ensure it stays shiny and healthy, you do still need to do some work.

Your hair is covered in an outer layer called the cuticle, which is made up of tiny overlapping scales. These protect the fragile inner core of your hair from damage, but they can become damaged themselves.

When this happens, even straight hair will lose its shine.

To combat this, make sure that you condition when you wash your hair – doing so will help your cuticles lay flat against the hair strand, avoiding frizz and making your hair shine.

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