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Gone are the days where there was a single cut that was fashionable for men to sport. Now, you can wear your hair long or short, curly or straight, gelled down or with all the added volume you want.

Hair is now an extension of the look you want to project, so you can change it up as often as you’d like - and now there are plenty of brilliant styling products to help you out, whatever you’re trying to achieve.

Don’t feel like you can’t take part in experimenting, however, if you have short hair - there are plenty of hairstyles for short hair men, all of which are easy to recreate with the right advice and with a little practice.

There are plenty of men’s short hairstyles, but the first big decision is whether you want your hairdo be classic or make a statement.

For classic hair, you could go for neat and coiffed by asking for a classic cut, leaving a few inches of hair all over, then style it with a styling cream.

Try using a comb through the ends to make it uniform. To add interest, change up your part, or play with texture when you add your styling product.

If you wanted something a little trendier, opt for a crew cut, buzz cut, or fade. The end result being that your hair will be short but, thanks to the density of it, still appear full. Or you could try an undercut, where your hair will be shaved underneath around the back and sides, leaving you the top portion hair to play with.


Alternatively, throwback styles are having a moment, with the quiff going strong. To get it right, make sure you have a good hair clay to help your hair really stay in place but with flexibility. And remember to twist the front portion every now and then to keep your quiff looking fresh.


If you do your own hair at home, you might wonder how to do some popular styles, so here’s a speedy guide:

How To Do A Buzz Cut. Grab some clippers and a hand mirror, which you’ll need to see your neck. Make sure your hair is clean and dry, then start trimming at the top of your hair, working your way across your scalp.

How To Do A Skin Fade. You’ll need clippers with adjustable guards for this. Start by making sure the longest portion of your hair is the length you want it to be, then section off everything underneath it and add a guard to give you a slightly closer cut. Continue doing this in degrees, working up the guards until you have the shortest bit you’d like at the bottom of your hair.

How To Do A Pompadour. We’d recommend seeing a hairdresser for the ideal pompadour as it takes quite a lot of skill to achieve the right shape. Once you’ve got the cut in place, while your hair is still slightly damp, rake some shaping pomade through the longest portion for some hold, blow dry into place, and add putty as needed to lock yours into shape.


Tip: Messy Versus Neat

While short hair doesn’t offer quite as many options as longer hair, remember whatever style you go for, you can make normal ‘dos into men’s short messy hairstyles simply by adding a little product. Opt for something with some grip and muss up the length you do have.

Whether you want to go for a sleek or messy do, remember that we have the right product for you to offer high performance styling that’s kind to your scalp. So, you can enjoy your fresh hair cut without any itchiness or flaking.


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