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Stuck at home and looking for things to do? Now’s the perfect time to settle in for a detox. Follow our hair at home guide and treat yourself and those tresses to a little relax.

It’s true – that Instagram post of you with perfectly tonged and styled tresses looks awesome. But heat styling and product build-up can have a negative effect on your hair’s health. Even something as simple as backcombing can damage the outer layer of your hair, leaving its defences weakened.

But don’t worry – all is not lost. Sunday is the perfect time to rest and rejuvenate, taking care of your body, hair and scalp as well as your general wellbeing. Our haircare at home guide will have you looking rested and radiant in time for Monday morning!

1. Start by washing your hair properly

There’s no better way to relax than soaking in some bubbles after a long week, so get those bath taps running and let us fill you in on a secret. You may think you’ve been washing your hair perfectly, but a poor technique can actually be responsible for several common hair and scalp problems.

Sometimes it pays to go back to basics and make sure you know how to wash your hair properly.

You might even want to add a step to your routine on Sundays, lathering twice with shampoo to make sure all that product-build-up is cleared away. Head and Shoulders Supreme Shampoo deeply nourish your hair and scalp from roots to tips and leaves your hair softer from the first wash.

2. Don’t just shampoo – use conditioner too!

So, you’ve shampooed and your hair is feeling clean and smelling great. The next thing to do when you’re stuck at home is to pamper your hair and scalp by adding a moisturizing anti-dandruff conditioner to your routine.

Apply your conditioner from root to tip. Take the time to really allow it to work –leave it on a few extra minutes, like a mask. Head & Shoulders Supreme conditioner take care of both your hair and scalp, deeply moisturizing your skin and effectively targeting the causes of dry scalp, as well as giving you beautifully moisturized hair.

In fact, now’s the perfect time to add in a restoring face mask to take care of the skin on your face while Head & Shoulders looks after the skin on your scalp.

3. Dry your hair with care

To keep your hair in good shape, avoid damaging habits which leave your hair feeling rough and brittle.

Instead of rubbing your hair dry try patting it, or wrapping it in a T-shirt. The fibers are even more absorbent than a towel’s, and it’ll save you lots of drying time – which is more time to grab a cup of tea and curl up with a book or your favorite TV show!

While air drying is ideal when it comes to your hair health and is a smart choice on Sunday when you have a little more time than usual, we also have some tips for how to reduce styling damage if you can’t resist the blow dryer.

Remember that heat damage gets worse if you hold your hairdryer very close to your hair. At very high temperatures, the water in your hair can actually boil causing swelling and damage to the hair fiber’s inner cortex, which leads to breakage.

So, remember to keep the temperature on your device low, hold it around 15cm from your head and keep it moving continuously to avoid damage.

4. Straighten your hair without damage

Nothing quite says “polished” like a perfectly styled mane of hair, but unfortunately hair styling tongs and straightening irons almost always rely on heat to get your hair to retain its shape.

Excessive heat can cause the water inside your hair fiber to boil, causing lasting damage. Luckily, there are ways to avoid causing heat damage to your hair. If you use styling tools, then our damage-preventing tips are an absolute must.

5. Rest and rehydrate

Hydration is key for your skin, hair and your general wellbeing.

Lots of factors – including cold winter weather – can dry out your scalp. One of the reasons that preventing dandruff is so important is that a healthy scalp is more able to stay hydrated, even when faced with chilly temperatures. So, make sure your shampoo and conditioner offer scalp protection as well as moisturizing benefits.

When it comes to your hair, stress can be an aggravating factor for dandruff. So now that you’re stuck in the house, take the time out now and not only will you feel more relaxed, your hair will thank you for it.

You can avoid dry skin by applying a rich moisturizer to your face and body. And remember to drink plenty of water – or if that’s too boring, try a caffeine-free infusion. Tea made with mint or fruits will hydrate you and feel like a healthy treat.

6. Do what makes you feel good

Now you’re looking great, use your free time on Sunday to look after yourself. Whether it’s meeting friends for a Sunday night get-together or you just want to be prepped for the world’s best Monday morning, set aside some time to feel your best.

Use this time to catch up on that TV series you’ve been wanting to watch, pick up that hobby you’ve been neglecting, or just grab a book and a cup of tea.

Finally, head to bed early to catch up on any sleep you lost in the week. The quality of your sleep is heavily linked to your self-esteem and optimism, so make sure you’re starting the week ahead with the right frame of mind by catching those ‘Z’s when you can.

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