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Keep your hair nourished and smooth with the right conditioner for your hair type.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: beautiful hair needs a hard-working conditioner to keep it feeling moisturized and looking gorgeous.

Now, you might think that those extra minutes in the shower massaging conditioner into your tips aren’t worth the hassle, but believe us when we say your hair will thank you.

When you think about it, your hair is constantly exposed to stressors from the outside world – whether that’s the weather, the way you style it, or even simply washing it! And those stressors will be different for everyone.

It’s that particular combination of stress factors, and your hair type, that will determine which conditioner works best for you. But with every beauty store aisle chock full of different varieties, how do you know which is right for your hair?

Think about your hair type

Different hair types have different needs when it comes to conditioner, so it pays to know what those needs are before you start looking.

Oily hair: Is your hair oily or greasy? That’s due to your body’s natural sebum - some people produce it in excess, making it visible on your strands.

If you’re dreaming of shiny, beautiful hair but think conditioner will only add to your greasiness, think again. Many conditioners are formulated specifically for your hair type.

Your hair will love a lightweight conditioner that won’t weigh your it down with residue or make it look greasy. Freshen up with Head & Shoulders Classic Clean Conditioner.

Banish that oily feeling by shampooing, then leaving the conditioner on for between 30 seconds and a minute before rinsing thoroughly.

Fine or Thin hair: like oily hair, thin hair can look limp or greasy if the conditioning is too heavy. The lightweight conditioning of Head & Shoulders Green Apple conditioner provide just the right amount of detangling and softness, without sacrificing body & fullness .

Dry hair: Hair can feel dry due to chronic damage, or just because of its natural texture (especially curly or coiled textures). Dry hair can be rough, and vulnerable to further damage, but a good conditioner can help keep your hair hydrated and tame that dreaded frizz.

Dry hair needs a conditioner with both protective ingredients that smooth hair’s outer cuticle, plus nourishing ingredients that penetrating to moisturize parched fibers.

Try Head & Shoulders Smooth & Silky Conditioner. It deeply moisturizes hair and scalp, and leaves your hair touch ably soft. It’s also a perfect antidote for itching, redness and dry scalp too.

Chemically treated or frequently colored, long hair: When your hair comes into contact with chemicals and colorants, it will need extra care. This is especially true for longer hair that’s been exposed to the elements for more time.

Look for a conditioner that promises to restore damaged hair’s smoothness. Its ingredients will help protect weak or damaged areas of the hair fiber, strengthening them against further damage. Head & Shoulders Repair & Protect conditioner is a great choice for you.

Let’s be honest: after saving up and splashing out on a gorgeous new shade, it makes lots of sense to invest some time in protecting it too. A conditioner which is safe for use on colored hair is your best bet to help bring your hair back to its smooth, sleek best.

Don’t forget your scalp

Whatever your hair type, fresh, healthy-looking hair starts with a clean and nourished scalp.

If you suffer from dandruff or scalp irritation, it can negatively affect the quality of the hair growing through, leaving you vulnerable to damage. Beautiful, healthy-looking hair starts with a clean and nourished scalp, so always make sure any scalp issues are dealt with first.

Our anti-dandruff conditioners are designed to work with our shampoos to protect your scalp and leave you up to 100% flake-free* while still providing all the softening and smoothing benefits you’d expect from a regular shampoo.

*free from visible flakes with regular use

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