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OK, you have a dry scalp, so it follows that you need to get some moisture back. But how do home remedies for dry scalp deliver against a moisturizing, dry scalp shampoo?

The problem in a nutshell
Dry scalp is a problem that appears when your scalp’s natural moisture defences are damaged, causing essential moisture to escape.

So, you need to put moisture back. And there are many home remedies people try to do it.

Coconut oil or olive oil – will they work?
Proponents of coconut and olive oil as natural remedies claim that by moisturizing the scalp, they help to restore scalp health and reduce the symptoms of dry scalp.

There’s something to the theory too – coconut oil is a good moisturizer; many cultures around the world use natural oils like it to care for their skin or hair.

But, there’s one area where these remedies fall short: they often fail to tackle the root cause of dry scalp.

In many cases that’s dandruff. It can damage the scalp’s natural moisture defences and cause dry scalp to develop.

So, while you might feel short-term relief with something like coconut oil or olive oil, they don’t to help get rid of the underlying dandruff problem.


Why choose a dandruff shampoo?

Anti-dandruff shampoos are the quick, easy and proven way to tackle dry scalp¹.

They focus on tackling the dandruff problem that causes dry scalp, so your body can focus on repairing the damage.

In fact, they’ve been proven to restore 75% more moisture than using a moisturizing shampoo alone².

So why not try our Dry Scalp Care shampoo or Instant Hydration Shampoo to help tackle dandruff and restore moisture to your dry scalp?

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¹ caused by dandruff
² relative to the baseline, with regular use vs. the leading competitive brand’s base variant

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