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With our Moisture Care collection, your scalp can be restored to its natural health while leaving your hair soft and manageable.


What causes a dry scalp?

It’s very common that if you have textured hair, you may suffer from dry scalp. The scalp’s natural moisture barrier can become damaged due to many different factors, like styling, and it can seem difficult to give your scalp the moisture it needs.

Symptoms of a dry scalp

Treating a dry scalp

Whatever the case, a dry scalp can be helped with the right treatments. Some common oil remedies are said to relieve dry scalp. These include:

  • coconut oil

  • tea tree oil

  • jojoba oil

These remedies may provide a temporary benefit by lubricating the skin. 

However, if they don’t improve your scalp’s natural moisture barrier, they don’t prevent dryness from coming back.

Some oils can also be overpowering in odor.

A long-lasting treatment is needed if you want to keep dry scalp and its symptoms from coming back.

Restore moisture to your scalp

With Head & Shoulder’s Royal Oils range, your dry scalp can be restored back to a natural, healthy balance.

Our unique Royal Oils Moisture Boost Shampoo restores your hair and scalp’s essential moisture.

How it works

The special formula with ZPT (pyrithione zinc), vitamin E-rich almond oil, and coconut essence works on the causes of scalp dryness, to help prevent your skin from becoming dry in the future. 

Your scalp moisture barrier becomes healthier the more you use it, restoring your natural moisture balance.

Designed for textured hair, it also cares for curls, leaving hair moisturized, soft, and manageable.

Using a co-wash

Textured hair can be treated to extra revitalization with our Royal Oils Moisturizing Co-wash

In between deep-cleaning your hair with shampoo, a co-wash lets you refresh and condition your hair in one simple shower.